• Pause - Connect- Resource

    Are you ready to reconnect with your clarity of purpose?

    Are you considering new directions in your professional or personal life?

    Are you wanting to engage in leadership challenges from a stronger sense of personal authority?

    Are you seeking answers to your unease and restlessness?

    Are you in need of an intentional Pause?

    Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) a journey in authentic living. The 3.5 days retreat is a reflective pause, for women who are interested in rediscovering and nurturing aspects of themselves, addressing both work and life challenges in an engaging, supported environment.


    The CIYO retreat is centred on each participant’s individual journey and her current opportunities, challenges and transitions. Individual and collective strengths are worked with to reframe current situations, and to access and release untapped resources and potential


  • “Living great lives just means you have grown the skill muscles necessary to make choices in line with your dreams and purpose.”

    January Donovan


    What To Expect if you Join Us?

    Clarity - Ease - Forward Momentum


    Get clear on what you truly want and how to achieve

    When we stop trying to live our leadership to only meet the expectations of others, we tune into our own inner 'why' and are able to lead with more authentic alignment and impact.


    Sharpen your awareness of the path ahead for you

    By reviewing your leadership and life through the powerful process of the Symbols Way you will gain access to reservoirs of your own intuition and wisdom, so as to take action on your intentions when the time is ripe.


    A powerful leadership toolkit

    Proven and practical knowledge and frameworks for an improved level of leadership, inclusive of enhanced strategic, embodied and creative decision-making skills.


    Deep connections and a network of support

    By spending time in the company of other women determined to explore what coming into their own truly means for each of them, you will be able to tap into not only the memories of our time together, but also a very practical network of support.

  • “My true potential had more to do with my willingness to struggle than with my past and present circumstances.”

    Hope Jahren, Lab Girl

  • Testimonials

    "CIYO is a fantastic opportunity to pause and reflect on various aspects of your life guided along by wise and inspiring women in a very safe environment."

    CIYO Alumna UK



    “ CIYO is for women who are ready to empower themselves to lead their ideal lives. If you want to have more clarity on your life purpose; how your past can become your strength; how to see what’s hidden inside you, this is the right program for you.”

    CIYO Turkey participant

    "CIYO encourages openness and authenticity – providing a safe, supportive and open environment where women can shed their everyday role as mother, wife, daughter, boss or colleague.


    I was able to see myself from the inside out vs. outside in, setting aside the perceptions of those I interact with on a daily basis.


    There is tremendous power and insight that comes from being witnessed and witnessing others as the group provides the gifts of collective feedback, perspective, spirit and energy. My CIYO experience helped me gain significant new perspective as I considered a major transition in my life."

    CIYO USA participant

    "CIYO is very special programme for women interested in self-reflection and a deeper knowing of living in power. This is a very timely program for all women who are looking for a shift in life and leadership."

    CIYO Japan participant

    "This program was a genuine appointment with me even through other women witnesses and mirrors. It allowed me time to refocus on this: who built me, who I am, what I live, what I want. And to clarify the small steps, Next steps on my way of life. I emerge energized, peaceful and confident as a leader and wife."

    CIYO France participant

    "One of our CIYO program alumnae, Christine Bader, published an OpEd in titled The year I learned to quit - her wise words can be a source of reflection for each of us. What in our own lives requires some quiet, some space, some 'leaning out'?

    The New York Times

  • CIYO - Middle East

    Whether the symbol of the circle appears in a primitive sun worship or modern religion, in myths or in dreams, in the mandalas drawn by Tibetan monks, in the ground plan of cities, or in the spherical concepts of early astronomers, its always points to the single most vital aspect of life- Its ultimate Wholeness

    C.G Jung

  • “Do your duty and let the cards fall where they may.”

    Lina J. Potter

  • Meet The Guides

    The Master is a Mirror

    Amel Murphy

    "I only wanted to live according to the prompting of my true heart, why was that so difficult" a sentence Amel read in a book by Herman Hesse at the age of 18 and that guided her work since. Through her consultancy and coaching practice, Amel helps individual connect to their body and heart intelligence in order restore resilience and cultivate mindful living


    Amel uses the power of storytelling to shift narrative and to alleviate individual suffering. Amel believe that each one of us has the potential to transform if we know how to activate our stories in service to our healing and the healing of others.


    Amel work extensively with corporate clients in the space transformational leadership and evolutionary purpose


    Amel currently lives between Uganda and UK with her husband John and cat Taz

    Burcu Yalman

    Burcu describes her life purpose as facilitating inner change and transformation to live a more authentic life. Navigating through various roles such as investment banker, working mother, housewife, entrepreneur, coach and facilitator, working single mother, she is now aware of her key role: “mind-shifter” and “heart-opener”.

    With over 2800 hours of coaching, Burcu is an ICF certified professional coach and a team coach. She works on leadership, diversity and enhancement of dialogue. She is also a Faculty Member in Adler Coaching School, training new professional coaches. As a feeling of social responsibility, she carries various work on women leadership.

    Burcu is a mother of two children, whom she says, are her major teachers in life. As a way to honor her values of freedom, exploration and connection, Burcu enjoys to spend time in the nature, on the sea, in her women circles or her inner world.


    Einat Mizrahi

    Einat Mizrahi has been involved in promoting the personal development and well-being of people for more than 20 years.


    Einat sees herself as a guide of the heart and leads people to live their lives with love, joy and self-realization.


    She is grateful to wake up every morning to a sense of connection and purpose.


    Einat offers counselling, psychotherapy, training and coaching, and specializes in gender and multicultural work. She works with the private and organizational sectors.


    Einat holds a BA and an MA in Social Work. She is a qualified mediator, a senior MCIL trainer and a qualified supervisor, and an expert in facilitating personal and group processes.


    She develops and creates tools for personal and organizational development work, and has so far developed 2 card kits in Hebrew and English – "Gifts of Life" and "Gifts of Wisdom".

    Cecil Masson

    Cécile is a social entrepreneur for more than twenty years. She worked in the field of intercultural communication and cultural agility and is now concentrating her activities on coaching, including and leading under the name Cécile Masson.


    She grew up in Switzerland, lived and worked in several European Countries and is fluent in five languages. She is a sensitive mBIT coach and facilitator for inner leadership and personal development. She connects compassion with courage and creativity.


    Her passion for inclusion grew from her multicultural and artistic background and professional experience with various companies, NGO’s and government agencies. Cécile is advisor on gender diversity and provides workshops, lectures, and female leadership programs next to being a coach.


    She is European CIYO faculty, mother of two grown up children and a poet based in The Netherlands.

    Dorian Baroni

    Dorian is an executive coach, leadership programs and retreats faculty, and organizational advisor. Her capacity for eclectic discernment was tested through a corporate business experience that has spanned a variety of industries - investment banking, global energy, consumer goods and art retail - and a number of countries - UK, US, Venezuela, Italy, and Belgium.


    In her consulting and coaching these days, she is working with a range of clients - from Corporate Senior Executives to Millennial Social Entrepreneurs/Activists in the US and Europe; from Yale E-MBA candidates to Humanitarian Relief Organization staff in Washington and the Middle East.

    One of her core beliefs is that a change agent's individual journey towards wholeness is critical to addressing today's global challenges - be that change agent an organization's leader, a social activist for change, or a parent wanting to raise a child for a better future.


    Isabelle Pujol

    Isabelle is founder and director of Pluribus, a global consultancy committed to develop individuals, teams and organizations like Sodexo, Hilti, Solvay, L’Oréal, Inditex or Microsoft to succeed through inclusion and diversity. She provides strategic consulting, designs and facilitates dialogues with leaders from various global organizations to create a truly inclusive performing culture where everyone feels listened and respected.


    She is committed to support women and men in fulfilling their full potential by understanding and valuing their respective cultural differences. She is passionate about supporting their unique leadership journey and helping them reconnecting with their inner voice and authenticity.

    Isabelle lives in the area of Brussels and is married to Jean-Marc. They have 2 children, Raphael and Sarah.




    A journey to change starts with one step.

  • “And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.”


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